Senselock Clave2 Software Protection USB Dongle Released

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Senselock Clave2 USB Dongle

We here at Senselock Europe are very plesed to be able to tell you that we’ve just released the Senselock Clave2 USB Hardware Lock Dongle for European markets. We like to think of the Senselock Clave2 dongle as Protection from Software Piracy That Makes Sense!

Software piracy is everywhere. According to a study commissioned by the Business Software Alliance, it has resulted in a loss of some $59 billion worldwide in 2010, with most of the countries studied having piracy rates of 62 percent or higher. While there are many software-based license protection mechanisms to combat piracy, the most secure and flexible solution for software publishers is the hardware lock dongle.

The dongle security mechanism involves a hardware key that plugs into a USB port on your customer’s computer. The protected software application accesses this key for verification before continuing to run; special secret registration numbers are loaded into the dongle by the developer before shipment. These registration numbers are checked by the software application to verify licensing.

Because dongles are external hardware devices, they are not susceptible to the same level of hacking as common software protection solutions. For this reason this technology is more secure than software key options. In addition, dongles offer a higher level of flexibility over other forms of copy protection because they are not limited to a single PC. Similarly, dongles are more conducive to recovery after a system crash, or PC replacement or upgrade.

The dongle provides software developers with a comprehensive license security that rivals any other product on the market. It is cheap to implement and is proved to be a solid barrier to software piracy. Simply put, it hugely increases profits from software sales.

Already a market leading product in the Far East, the Senselock CLAVE2 USB Hardware Lock Dongle for software protection has been released for European markets. Senselock provides software publishers with strong copy protection and therefore secure licensing. Its driverless operation provides ease-of-use and dramatically reduces support costs.

The CLAVE2 has a 1920-byte non-volatile storage area which can retain stored information without a power supply. It can be used as a data storage device, preserving critical data in memory required for licensing and enabling software applications. In addition, the CLAVE2 device employs a “Secured Tunnel” communication mechanism with the PC via an AES algorithm, making for hyper-secure data transfer.

Based on advanced smart chip technology, Senselock CLAVE2 offers an extensive collection of sample code. Its ease of integration and the hyper security that it offers has made it a product of choice with software developers. Senselock CLAVE2 provides an advanced technology at a very competitive price. This is why more and more software publishers use the CLAVE2 to protect their revenues.

You can see the Senselock Clave2 brochure by following this link … Clave 2_Dongle_Brochure_A4

For more information and to purchase USB donges online, see …

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